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Perla Soria
Perla graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in Chicano studies and sociology. Following her work at the University of California, Berkeley, Perla attended U.S.C., where she earned a graduate degree in counseling. Perla holds strong ties to her hometown and promised to return when she was finished with her education. True to her word, Perla returned to Lindsay, where she worked as Migrant Counselor for Lindsay Unified School District and now holds the title of Education Funding Manager for Paramount Farming Company.

Hector Diaz
Hector graduated from the University of California, Davis. As well as being a founding member of our foundation, he is also very active in the Lindsay community. After serving for a year as an outreach counselor at Steve Garvey Junior High School in Lindsay, Hector decided to take a position in the private sector. He is currently in a managerial position with a local fruit packing company. Hector continues to be a strong role model for many family members and students in Lindsay.
Laura Jimenez
Laura graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in molecular biology. After completing her Bachelor�s degree, she accepted an internship in New Zealand related to her major. Laura is currently at the University of Utah working on a PhD degree in cancer research associated with molecular biology.

Gerardo Fonseca
Gerardo graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in engineering. After studying internationally in the Education Abroad Program, he returned home to the San Joaquin Valley as an engineering consultant for Rain for Rent in Bakersfield, CA. He influenced his younger brother to follow in his footsteps and he is also working toward an engineering degree at Cal Poly S.L.O.

Joshua Cortez
Joshua graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor�s degree in mechanical engineering. He is the first in his family to graduate from college and has two younger siblings who are currently attending college. His youngest brother is a successful student at Lindsay High School, who will soon join his siblings at the college level. Joshua has returned home and his employed by National Diversified Sales as an engineer in Lindsay.

Travis Arroyo
Travis graduated from the University of La Verne with a Bachelor�s degree in Movement and Sports Science in May 2011. He was the first in his family to graduate from college and has encouraged his younger brother to follow in his footsteps. Travis continues his education and pre-requisite classes to enter a Physical Therapy program. He also works with the youth of Lindsay Unified School District as an after school program coordinator.

Perla Soria graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in Chicano studies and sociology.

Roger Gonzales - President
Katryn Gonzales - Treasurer
Hector Diaz - Secretary

2014 Rebecca Macareno - C.S.U. Long Beach
2014 Monica Torres - U.C. Davis
2014 Joseph Ochoa - San Francisco Conservatory of Music
2014 Alejandro Jara - C.S.U. Monterrey Bay
2014 Ben Ramirez - C.S.U Fresno
2013 - Lucero Lira - C.S.U. Fresno
2013 - Juventino Cisneros - C.S.U. Long Beach
2013 - Delia Andrade - C.S.U. Fresno
2013 - Santiago Tello - Graceland University
2013 - Kristen Waggoner - C.S.U. Bakersfield
2013 - Leslie Martinez - U.C. Berkeley
2013 - Joel Hernandez - Cal Poly Pomona
2012 - Crystal Lemus - CSU San Jose
2012 - Christy Keller - CSU Sanoma
2012 - Evelyn Cortes -CSU Fullerton
2012 - Marilu Cisneros - CSU Bakersfield
2012 - Moises Guiza-Lemus - UC Riverside
2012 - Mayra Varela - UC Santa Cruz
2012 - Anthony Gonzalez - UC Merced
2012 - Rosie Esparza - Mt. Mary College, SD
2011 - Tyler Arroyo - C.S.U. Sacramento
2011 - Angela Bolanos - U.C. Santa Cruz
2011 - Sam Santamaria - U.C. Santa Cruz
2011 - Nancy Mendoza - C.S.U. Channel Islands
2011 - Yvonne Lopez - C.S.U. Bakersfield
2011 - Guadalupe Rangel - U.C. San Diego
2010 - Veronica Millan - La Sierra University
2010 - Miguel Morales - U.C. San Diego
2009 - Nicole Bolanos - C.S.U. Stanislaus
2009 - Angel Diaz C.S.U. Fresno
2008 - Francisco Cisneros - C.S.U. Fresno
2008 - Gladys Sanchez - C.S.U. Fresno
2007 - Lizette Juaregui - C.S.U. San Jose
2007 - Travis Arroyo - University of La Verne
2006 - Alynna Pena - U.C. Santa Barbara
2006 - Josue Cortez - U.C. Santa Barbara
2005 - Erika Gonzalez - C.S.U. Fullerton
2005 - Andrew Mendoza - U.C.L.A.
2004 - Laura Jimenez - U.C. Santa Cruz
2004 - Gerardo Fonseca - Cal Poly SLO
2003 - Perla Soria - U.C. Berkeley
2003 - Hector Diaz - U.C. Davis

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